Tamar Porcelijn

Amsterdam • Madrid

With a rich background in flamenco and contemporary dance, Tamar blends movement, music, and storytelling to create captivating experiences for stage and screen. 
A deep appreciation for the connective power of music and rhythm is the driving force behind her work.

Compilation of screen & stage works

Behind the scenes: rehearsing with INTRANZYT Cia. (Portugal)

Tamar's love for cinema significantly impacts her choreographic approach. Her continuous studies in filmmaking and photography grant her a thorough understanding of the creative potential for dance in terms of visual storytelling for screen and stage. Regardless of the style or aesthetics she works with, flamenco is always present in the background. Its influence can be felt in the appreciation for authentic human expression and the desire to cultivate a clear and intimate connection between music and movement at all times.


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Tamar’s story is a testament to her love for dance, music and visual arts.
Her professional education began at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, laying the groundwork for a lifelong exploration of contemporary dance. After graduating she moved to Spain and spent over a decade immersed in the world of flamenco in Seville.

After years as a freelance flamenco dancer, she rekindled her connection with contemporary dance, propelling her into the realms of choreography and movement direction. Committed to continuous growth, she earned a Master's degree in Choreography from Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam) and Fontys Academy of the Arts (Tilburg).

She currently works as a freelance choreographer and movement director for stage and screen.


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