Tamar uses the power of music and dance to craft compelling stories and images for stage and screen.
Drawing from an extensive background in flamenco, she brings musicality and raw human expression to the center of her contemporary dance, creating work that touches the audience on a deep, intuitive level. 


"A deep love of music is the driving force behind my work. Music helps me make sense of the world through my body and allows me to express complex emotions that I can't capture in words.

A body has the capacity to communicate on an intuitive level. It can reveal truths, inspire empathy. It connects us to a deep, primal wisdom.

I think most of us understand the power of music and dance before we even learn to speak. It’s no coincidence that throughout time, in every culture, people have turned to music and dance as a source of healing and connection.
I hope my work contributes to that tradition by offering inspiration, joy and consolation.”


From a very young age, Tamar finds comfort and joy in music and dance. It becomes the key inspiration throughout her life. 
She studies contemporary dance at the Amsterdam School for the Arts and after graduation, her interest in the relation between dance and music leads her to flamenco. This encounter is life changing: She moves to Seville, Spain, to study the art-form at the source. Over the next decade, she builds a life in Spain and her work as a flamenco dancer takes her all over the world. 

After years of being immersed in flamenco, she reconnects to her background in contemporary dance. She develops a method that uses her experience with flamenco to bring musicality and human expression to the center of contemporary dance. 

She shifts her focus to choreography and collaborates with dancers and companies to create work that celebrates the power of music, rhythm and movement as a source of inspiration, healing and connection. 

Her interest in film and photography strongly influences the way she designs and crafts her work, both for the stage and the screen.

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